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Metal Producing and Fabricating

Metal Producing and Fabricating Is Heavily Concentrated in the FirstEnergy Region, Supported by Local Demand

The concentration of metal producers and fabricators in the FirstEnergy region can be attributed, first, to the excellent infrastructure, including energy, ports, rail and highways; and, second, to the well-established supply chain. From the ready supply of iron ore, scrap steel and coke, to downstream demand for steel and finished goods, the region is a manufacturing powerhouse. Ohio is a top producer, ranking No. 1 among states for fabricated metals as well as electrical equipment and appliances; and is a leading producer of trucks, autos and automotive parts. In addition, the Marcellus and Utica Shale formations place continual demand on seamless pipe and tube manufacturers.

Principal steel markets consist of pipe and tube for moving fluids of all kinds, from paper products to dairy and beverage goods; rolled and drawn goods, such as wires, springs and sheet steel for appliances; and molded products used in machinery, transportation equipment and construction. While many of these markets are cyclical – driven by consumer demand for durable goods – they are fundamental components of the U.S. economy. During periods of high demand, the abundance of trained workers in the FirstEnergy region, with generations of experience in steel and metals fabrication, is a boon to the industry.

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*In the FirstEnergy Region
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Metal Fabricating in the FirstEnergy Region

Metal fabricating is spread across the region, from Northern Ohio, to eastern and western Pennsylvania and into New Jersey. Total-metal fabricating GDP in the FirstEnergy region is $16.4 billion.

Metal Fabricating GDP by State (In the FirstEnergy region only)
Ohio 7,800,000,000
Pennsylvania 6,500,000,000
New Jersey 1,600,000,000
Maryland 262,000,000
West Virginia 230,000,000

Our Metals Producing and Fabricating Industry Team

Roger J. Heasley
Senior Advisor, Economic Development